During clinics, participants will learn how to handle the ball. Our trainers will make sure that the participants learn the right movements, which they can use to their advantage during matches.


During the events (which we organize ourselves), the street football world champions usually play a demonstration match, after which a tournament will take place with cultural additions.


StreetKings wants to give back to society. We do this by participating in societal projects or giving guest lectures. In doing so, we want to stimulate and motivate (young) people to go outside and move more.

Edward van Gils

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‘For almost 25 years, I've shown the world what is possible with a ball. In my book, I also show the other side of my world. A boy on the way to the top that had to survive. It was a special, but not an easy road. I share the lessons I learned in my book. The creation of this book was a tough and emotional process, but I’m extremely proud of the result.’ 

Edward van Gils