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The bizarre life story of a global legend

The moving and shocking life story of Edward van Gils. A boy who gets off to a bad start and has to learn to survive in the harsh world of the streets. He becomes the best street football player in the world and is given the honorary title ‘The Godfather of Street Football’. These days, he dedicates his life to children from a rough background over the whole world. From Rio de Janeiro, New York, Amsterdam to Mumbai, he visits schools, orphanages and youth prisons to share his life lessons and help young people.

* * * * *
‘Retrato comovente de um menino de rua que fez sucesso na vida através do futebol’
Willem Vissers – de Volkskrant (jornal holandês)

* * * * *
‘Leia como em um trem-bala’ / ‘Aperte os cintos. Uma montanha-russa desde a primeira página’
Iwan van Duren – Voetbal International (revista de futebol holandês)

Extra informatie

Vanaf 10 januari is het boek ook in het Engels, Frans, Duits, Spaans en Portugees beschikbaar.


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